Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July's FitBox by My Platinum Box review!

Whatsup GymBuddies!? I have been itching to get this blog post live but have been swamped with work but it is finally here! This post is the review of July's FitBox. The folks at My Platinum Box were nice enough to hook me up with a box for me to write about. Check out their website here! This months box had some real high quality products in it, so without any further complications lets get right into it!

First up we have Bullnox Androrush by Betancourt Nutrition. This product is a testosterone optimizer pre workout mix. Using this concoction 15-30 minutes pre workout is just what you need to get the juices flowing. Obviously using a product that claims to help out with test production you would need to take for more than a day to feel the effects of, but as far as a pre workout product goes this is top notch stuff. The flavor I had was fruit punch and it was one of the better ones of that particular taste that I have had. Definitely this is a product worth giving a shot to see how it performs for you.

Next on the list we have a energy snack bar by the folks at NOW Energy. Honeycomb Chia Raisin  is one of the best bars I have had in a while. The honey was the perfect compliment to the raisins and it was not at all too overpowering. The chia seeds provide a perfect texture all wrapping up this bar into one hell of a snack sized power punch. I cant wait to order these!

Now we have Muscle Shot Gel by the folks at MusclePharm. For some reason I always find myself gushing over the products that these guys put out. Definitely top of the line stuff. This is the most interesting way I have found so far to get protein into my diet. Twenty-two grams of protein per one of these pouches, which is a good amount for such a small sized product. The flavor I sampled was Tropical Mango and the only negative I have about it is that it was a little on the bitter side. I feel that comes with the territory as I think MP was trying to achieve as much power into as small a dose as they could without all the fillers. They definitely struck gold with this, as you get all the nutrients you need without feeling full.

NO3 Pump Optimizer by Cellucor is up to bat now, and is another product they put out that works fabulously. My favorite thing about this is the lasting pump it gives you in the gym. Nitric Oxides are the behind the scenes supplements that give you the extra push you need to get through sets. Definitely go to their website to get hooked up with such a wonderful product. These work by expanding your blood vessels so you get more of the life juice into your muscles.

It had to happen at some point so here we go. MonsterPump by Cytosport is a pre workout product. Unfortunately I did not feel the effects of this product. I am not going to write it off though because I know what kind of quality products CytoSport puts out, so I am willing to give this one a mulligan in hopes that it was a fluke not working for me. Everyones bodies are different and therefore react different so what might not be good for me may be excellent for you. The flavor I had was grape and it was one of the better tasting grape products I have had, albeit strong.

Last to review we have Syntha-6 by BSN! I absolutely love this product! My favorite thing about this besides the flavor is that it can be a meal replacement or a meal addition, and the consistency of it is not too thick. I took this pre workout to give my body some fuel and it didn't make me feel bloated after I took it. The chocolate was milky tasting and smooth without any chalky taste like some products can get. Definitely one of my new favorites. #FinishFirst!

Well folks I hope you enjoyed this review of the FitBox. Be sure to travel over to the the My Platinum Box website so you can get the best the supplement world has to offer right to your door every month for only 10 dollars. This is a great way to sample products before you fork out the money for a product you may not agree with. Be sure to follow me on Twitter here and Follow the MyPlatinumBox folks here!