Thursday, April 5, 2012

Product Review!!!!!

My first product review! Today I am going to go through a review of Recon by MusclePharm and Blox by BPI.

Now the particular one I have is OrangeMango flavored. I am a huge fan of mango so thats why I chose this flavor. The taste of this product honest isn't that bad. The only thing I have to say about it really is that its very sweet. You need to mix it with a lot of water to make it bearable to drink.

Now on the the actual product performance. I have been taking this for around two months, and it has by far been my favorite post workout drink ever. I have never been sore after taking it. It contains 833% percent of the daily value of Vitamin C, 250% of B-6 and 250% of Vitamin E. Vitamin C can work wonders for your immune system, Vitamin B-6 can coexist with other vitamins and enzymes in your body to help out your metabolic processes, and Vitamin E will fight free radicals, and also help with muscle growth. The active ingredients in this product are your typical ones found in post workout items, but built into MusclePharm's own proprietary blends. Their Anabolic Primer Matrix of course contains your standard 3:1:2 BCAA blend. They also have a Recovery Accelerator, Anti-Stress Matrix, and a Muscle Detoxifier amount other things. Overall this is a fantastic product and I would recommend it to anyone. I have already told some of the guys I work with about it and I think I have them convinced to give it a shot.

Now on to Blox by BPI. This product is a little more expensive, but well worth the price. It is a Silk Amino Acid Mix, with is a step up in my opinion over the common Branch Chained Amino Acid mix. The best part about this product is that taken as a post workout, a serving size is only 5 grams. Not a lot to drink at all. Taking a look at the active ingredients all it shows is BPI's own proprietary blend, SAA Sequenced Proteins. This mix contains alanine, glycine, serene, valine, and threonine. The flavor I have right now is lemonade and it is delicious. I actually just bought my second jar of this product and it is watermelon flavored and that tastes even better. My favorite thing to do with this product is actually mix it with the Recon, and then throw in a little MusclePharm creatine or use some concentrated micronized creatine called Con-cret, another fantastic product to help increase strength without the water weight gain.

I hope you all enjoyed this review, and I hope you give these products a shot. I believe in them and I believe that they have helped me. One love.

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