Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You will love yourself for your ambition.

Have you ever realized how much more satisfaction you get when you do something for yourself and not for something or someone else?

How many times have you been at the point where you say you are going to do something but you never end up doing it because you put it off. You put it off because your mind isn't right for it. Because you don't have a strong enough desire for it. You don't have a do or die attitude about it. Im sure there are many different things that we are all guilty of doing this with.

This is my first blog, and that being said, it may be a little rough around the edges, but I can work on that. My name is Reese and I am in fact guilty of being addicted to working out. I want this blog to be my public projection of what I go through and what I experience in my trials of becoming a stronger person, physically and mentally. 
This blog will accomplish a few things (hopefully):
1) My experience with workouts
2) My reviews of products and supplements
3) Do's and don'ts of products and exercise. 

That is mainly what this blog is supposed to be about, but I am sure from time to time I will throw other things in there that I talk about. Something I want to get to now is why I chose the name I have for this blog. Previously I wrote about not having your mind right for something. I am quite positive you know what I mean by that. I started working out several months ago. Probably last June. I wasn't very avid about it when I started. I was doing it to do it. I didn't enjoy it very much, I didn't love it like I do now. Before I started working out I can recall countless times telling myself I would. Telling myself I would make it in to the gym today. But I never did. Then when I finally started going, there would be some days where I just wasn't "feeling it" and I would leave the gym after about 15 minutes. I did not have a mind for fitness. A mind for bettering myself. I think the reason I was going was to try and impress other people, whether it be my family, my girlfriend, or my friends. I wanted to look different so they would see me different. Then one day, in all of its glory, my mind said forget them and do you. So I went for myself. And I started falling in love with it. I started to enjoy the way it felt when I was picking up heavy shit just to set it back down. I started enjoying that awful burning sensation in my arms and legs when I finished a session. From the first time I really starting lifting for myself and really enjoyed it, it was incredible.  

A little about my fitness journey: I weigh 23 pounds less than I did a year ago, but if we are being honest with each other that is due to a combination of things. The majority of the reason is Navy bootcamp. Before I left home I weighed a whopping 183 pounds and I was 5'8". Now I wasn't really fat, but I was a little thick and chunky in some places. When I graduated bootcamp I weighed 155. I went to school for my rate and I dropped to 149ish. I remember telling my mother at some point I was going to go to the gym. That was in April of last year. Then May rolled around, still no gym time. Then came June and I have been going steady since. I now weigh about 162 on a good day, and I still plan on gaining. Ideally I would like to get up to 175, but I have found now that I eat semi-right and I work out nearly ever day, it is extremely difficult to gain weight and keep it.

I hope you all enjoy reading this blog and share it if you feel its worth sharing. Hopefully I will be able to help you achieve some of your goals by doing this, and you will all be happy and satisfied with yourself. I will leave you guys with some before and after pictures of me. One love.

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