Sunday, June 10, 2012

10 minute workout!

Hey guys!

 I know Im a little late on this post as I said on my twitter I would be doing it last night, but here it is:
Sometimes things can come up and plans change for us so we don't get to spend the time we want to in the gym, and I wanted to share with you a workout that I actually do at work so I can sneak some gym time in there. The only thing you really need is a pull-up bar!

So basically all it is is you have 10 minutes to complete this cycle of workouts. Each minute you do 5 pull-ups, followed by 10 crunches, and then 10 push-ups. You can tweak this how you like. For instance, if you have something you can hang on you can replace the crunches you can just do leg lifts to work your abs. Also something else I like to do is modify the pushups to make it more cardio based. Same old push-ups, but you elevate your legs on a chair or a bench. Don't forget you can switch your grips between wide, diamond, and regular!

Thats all for today! Try this out and see if you can crush it in under 10 minutes! Before you know it you will have done 50 pull-ups, 100 crunches, and 100 pushups!

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