Friday, June 15, 2012

Protein Chips in my JackedPack?!?!

What's up fellow fitness fiends?! I have excellent news. Alex and the good folks at JackedPack hooked me up with Junes box for me to do a review on. After a little complication with the mail man I finally received this box of awesome yesterday. I wanted to hop on and do a quick little review of one of the products I had the chance to try today, Protein Chips! I know, I know, sounds way too good to be true, but I am here to tell you it is all the facts and more. The particular chips I had are lemon herb, and they have an excellent taste to them, and a very pleasing texture.

Lets get down to the nutrition portion of them. Per bag they have only 120 calories, and they also have 4g of fiber. 15g of carbs are also included to give you the good energy that you need and of course the most intriguing part of this and what is going to make you muscles swell instead of your gut is the whopping 12g of protein that you will find in this bag of decadence. 12g may not seem like a lot compared to your shakes and puddings you take pre and post muscle blasting, but I can assure you it is for sure much better a snack than that bag of Cheetos in your pantry. On a gluten free diet? No problem because these chips are 100% gluten free with no trans fats.

You can find these chips online at Kay's Naturals, and of course do not forget to subscribe to your own little bit of heaven every month by heading over to JackedPack. It is the most wonderful way to try before you by and they have two different plans to choose from based on how many samples you want to receive each month. Let them know that you got sent there by Mind4Fitness! Check me out on twitter @Mind4Fitness and follow my friends @JackedPack!
Stay Strong!

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