Friday, July 6, 2012

Final review of June's JackedPack!

Whats up fit fiends? I have had a busy month, so I am glad to finally be able to report in and finish up these reviews for the guys at JackedPack.

The things I am talking about today will include BodyForm, Amino2, HydroWhey, and AfterShock.

First up is BodyForm which is a thermogenic. However unlike typical ones that are found in todays market, this is a powder that you mix into your water. The taste I had was orange and it turned out to be very pleasant. I think my favorite thing about taking this was what it did for my appetite control. Also this product contains fiber and green tea, which I thought was very interesting. Overall this is a product I wouldn't mind adding to my arsenal.

Next we have Amino2 which is made by Myogenix. Amino2 is a concoction of BCAAs and Nitric Oxide. When I took this product I replaced my usual pre-workout with it and I loved what it did. Not only did the flavor taste delicious, which was green apple, but i felt like it gave me a lasting pump without any jitters what so ever and it kept me feeling fresh through the whole workout. This ia another product that I would add to my supplement intake.

Now we have HydroWhey by Optimum Nutrition which was my most favorite product in the box. The flavor was Turbo Chocolate, and the reason I liked it so much was it wasn't too overpowering. I take protein before I work out because I like to have something to feed my muscles while they work, and this product definitely did not disappoint me. Next time I am shopping for protein, I am picking up this bad boy. With 30 grams of the good stuff per serving, you can't go wrong!

Finally on the list we have AfterShock by Myogenix. Unfortunately I didn't really enjoy this one that much. The taste I had was Tropical Typhoon, and it was my least favorite thing in June's box. Nonetheless this is a post workout recovery shake, and it did help with soreness and how rejuvenated I felt after my workout, but I would buy this one again.

Well guys that does it for this months JackedPack! Be sure to check them out here on their website and you can follow their twitter here. And while you are on twitter follow @Mind4Fitness!

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